Friday, January 29, 2016

Genius Hour Week 4 Progress

Genius Hour Week 4 Progress - 

What we did today - 

- Made an agenda for what we want to do for the next two weeks. 
- Created an idea of what we want our final product to be. (Letter to our cafeteria.)
- Started note taking w/ our survey results.
- Collected articles for information about what an average middle schooler should have.

Where we are at - 

- 40% of the way done.

The next steps we will take - 

- Continue to collect articles and take dot jots on them.
- Continue to take dot jots on survey results.

Where we are with our note taking - 
- 25% of the way done with note taking.

How much longer we will need for our research?
- 4 or 5 more weeks.

The challenges we are facing - 
- Keeping on track with goals.
- Managing time well.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Genius Hour Week 3 Progress

Genius Hour Week 3 progress -

- Uploaded and updated blog.

- Posted our progress from Genius Hour week 1 and 2.

- Reviewed survey results

- Collected resources/links for research

- Posted Genius Hour week 3 progress.

Progress w/ Genius Hour Week 1 and 2

Week 1 -

- We decided our topic.

Created a document with our focuses and goals.

- Wrote down our inquiry questions and our questions related with research.

Week 2 -

- Filled out the graphic organizer

- Made a diagram of what we already know about our cafeteria (HMS), their nutrition program, and how kids react to it.

- Sent out a survey to the seventh grade (class of 2021). Below is a link to our questions and the seventh grade's answers.